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Holopainen Paternal DNA

We have made some progress with Holopainen paternal DNA study. Most of the so far tested 22 Holopainen men from Northern Savonia belong to Western haplogroup I1 and its Eastern Finnish subgroup Y8954.

Comparison to traditional family research


Targets for future study:

Paternal line history

Happened so far:

Years before present Haplogroup Location Comments
over 60,000 A Africa Genetic Adam is common ancestor to all paternal lines
45,000-50,000 IJ Near East
27,000 I1 Balkan Oldest haplogroup born in Europe. Northern Europe including Finland will be covered by Ice Age glaciers for 15,000 years more.
4700 I-M253 Denmark
4100 L22 Nordic main branch, expands greatly in Southern Scandinavia during Bronze Age
1900 L287 Satakunta and Pirkanmaa Almost fully Finnish (can be found in whole country), also some found in Norway, Sweden, Poland, and Russia.
1300 Y15894 Eastern Finland Eastern Finnish group has likely divided into subgroups already during the Iron Age in the vicinity of Lake Saimaa. This is the largest group of descendants from the eastern expansion of Tavastians.
1300 BY545 Spread by Karelian and Savonian settlement migration
700 Y20304
Y34543 New haplogroup contains only samples with name Holopainen
475 -- Sääminki and Rantasalmi First written evidence of Holopainen families (land tax record 1541)

Partial haplotree

Part of I haplotree from March 2018. There will be changes when more samples have been tested. All listed here are at least Y67 paternal test, some also BigY test.

Holopainen Kuopio: 1
several surnames: 5
Holopainen Kuopio: 3
several surnames: 3
Holopainen Kuopio: 1
several surnames: 7
Hiltunen: 5
Kortelainen: 4
I-Y34543 I-Y55803
Nevalainen: 9
Turpeinen: 3
Holopainen Leppävirta: 7
several surnames: 2
Holopainen Kuopio: 4
Holappa: 1
Nevalainen: 1
Turpeinen: 1
Holopainen Leppävirta: 2


Source: FTDNA group I1 Suomi Finland & N-CTS8565

Haplogroup I1 percentage of European men map.

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